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The Festival is designed to operate somewhat like a village. We have streets lined with "shops" run by "shopkeepers". And, just like in a small village you will also find relaxing parks, corner cafes, a bookstore, a medical clinic, a Please Station (security), and more.

Aside from the neat shops to browse among you will notice entertainers strolling the streets, a band playing in the background, interactive demonstrations, arts and crafts for the kids, recreational opportunities and so much more.

The festival is also a place of learning. Workshops, classes, hands-on demonstrations, expert speakers. If you want to learn, it is here, if you want to just browse and enjoy, feel free.

Far from being a rigid "expo" or the same-old "fair", the Festival is designed to be a living, changing, evolving event, each year growing larger and more diverse as the participants create more and newer ways to bring their message to the Festival visitors. And it is that creative vision, brought to life by any number of groups from the community that make the Festival so unique and interesting.

We hope you will come and visit the village and the experience that is EarthWell.


Village Map

We have a whole village full of people interested in what you have to offer. If you offer, provide, or instruct about a green-eco-health-wellness educational and/or recreation related product or service....we invite you to come set up shop, be a part of the village.

festival map

Rules & Tips

Our criteria for participation with EarthWell allows us to maintain a high level of integrity, insure the quality of our events, and build a strong member base. If you think you should be a part of EarthWell but are not sure about the criteria...give us a call to discuss. Our criteria grow and change as needed.

rules & tips

Activities & Entertainment

Music, classes, activities and more.

Starting May 1st we will be featuring all of it online and updated weekly. Check back often to see what is added.

activities and entertainment

Directions, Tickets, Information

Where is it? How do we get tickets? Is there lodging available? Answers to all this and more may be found through this magical link.

directions and information

Learn More

Why attend?
Imagine - what if...
Awakening - one impression
Rules & Tips - you need to know

learn more

Festivals Revisited

Check out what was what in years past. Who were the shopkeepers? What did the event look like? What sort of activities were there? Check it out.

festivals revisited


EarthWell Needs You!

The only thing more fun than being at the festival is being a part of the team behind setting up and running the event.


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