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Imagine a village of festive, white tents with hundreds of flags flying, streets bordered by colorful banners waving gently in the breeze, music playing gaily in the background.

Imagine those same village streets lined with interesting shops offering all the things you are interested in and cafes serving up wholesome, organic food and free-trade coffee.

Imagine watching a troupe of dancers perform, or a group of quiet and graceful people moving through tai chi, or perhaps being entertained by a juggler or magician.

Imagine discovering the theraputic effects of Reiki, getting that medical question answered that has been gnawing at you, or just relaxing to a soothing massage.

Imagine learning the benefits of recycling rather than discarding, or finding how reasonable it is to install solar panels, or how much the government will pay you to do so.

Imagine your children meeting residents of the animal kingdom, stroking their fur, gazing into their eyes, discovering the wonderful connectedness of all things.

Imagine having a variety of alternative energy vehicles to examine, all in the same place, and with no pressure. Just answers and hands-on experience.

Imagine finding yourself with your hips moving like they haven't in years while a hula hoop swishes around and around you, just like when you were young.

Imagine having informative and entertaining speakers presenting on a variety of the green and wellness subjects that matter most to you.

Imagine your son's face as he is mesmerized by a mountain biking demonstration or scales a climbing wall for the first time.

Imagine an event where you, your friends, your family all enjoy themselves. only came for an hour, and yet you have already been here three.......

Imagine, EarthWell.

face painting
Photo: Jamy Beecher