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Conducted by experienced people including keynote speakers, exhibitors and local professionals, the festival workshops are intended to provide participants with creative, hands-on experience encompassing a wide range of topics from both the wellness and green camps.

hula hooping
Photo: Jamy Beecher

Certain workshops may be included with festival admission, while others may require a small fee to help defray costs. Each workshops is allotted a defined amount of time; usually 30 - 50 minutes. There may be multiple workshops occurring simultaneously. Each workshop is selected on the basis of uniqueness, relevance and educational value and is not intended to promote specific products.

If you would like to present a workshop at the festival please submit a Workshop Proposal.

If you would like to participate in a workshop, be advised that space for each workshop is limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis. While registration will be available, on-site advance registration is strongly suggested.

Examples of workshops or seminars include:

self defense

posture analysis

tai chi safe sex
yoga corrective eye surgery
Pilates sleep solutions
dance pain management
drumming physical therapy
belly dancing podiatry
mind, body, spirit arthritis
modalities cancer

preventing diabetes, asthma, obesity
Healing the family, individual, community, environment
massage meditation
chiropractic reflexology
teeth & gums health
herbs / remedies composting
crystals installing solar panels
eco friendly solutions xeriscaping
addiction solutions alternative power
energy healing wind turbines
travel health water conservation
women's health green building
body composite testing organic gardening

stress management
increasing your cars mileage

understanding labels
bamboo building trends
acupuncture political activism
qigong getting "green" rebates

NOTE: All Workshops need to be primarily educational in nature. Attempts to pitch a specific product or service are not allowed. You may present yourself as an expert and suggest specific products or services AFTER the workshop.