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The EarthWell Festival welcomes informed, articulate speakers of high caliber who bring a message of green or wellness. Our speaker committee may draw from local advocates, national authors, filmmakers, scientists and musicians as well as other professionals who can bring inspiration, guidance and informative discourse to the festival audience.

The Festival aims to have two to three speakers per day, with the mix representing a balance between green and wellness. Talks may be tailored in regards to subject matter and length.

If you would like to apply to be a speaker, please submit a Speaker Application. Our Speaker Committee reviews every application in a timely fashion. However, because of the number of applications received, we will only be in touch with you if they determine that you may be a good fit for the coming festival.



NOTE: All Speaker deliveries need to be primarily educational in nature. Attempts to pitch a specific product or service is not allowed. You may present yourself as an expert and suggest specific products or services AFTER the delivery.