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The Festival is a synergistic melding of two areas of high interest in today's world.

The first, the Eco/Green-Sustainability aspect of the world we live in and which we are all made aware of every day courtesy of our local news. From climate change to composting, from solar energy to organic clothing, there is a huge hunger for information about all things concerning the environment and how we can better fit in with it.

The second area of high interest has to do with the area of Health and Wellness. This can encompass everything from the highest standards of modern medicine and nutrition to the elements of Holistic Healing such as acupuncture and Reiki. Somewhat surprisingly for some, wellness goes beyond simply healing the body and encompasses all aspects of a persons well being including finding one's life purpose, having your financial house in order, building self confidence, even developing your own spiritual enter.

As it turns out, there is a lot of cross over between these two groups. Many of the interests and concerns are the same; often the goals of one happen to coincide with the direction some segment of the other is taking.

However, not everyone in one camp is fully appreciative or even aware of what the other camp is about. Therein lays a wonderful opportunity.

What if those coming to an eco/green event could find themselves brushing up against the offerings of the health/wellness group and visa versa?

Imagine a family coming to an event to spend a little time looking at solar panels. While there one in the family wanders over to the holistic healing area and finds, to their surprise, relief for those nagging headaches in the form of Reiki. Perhaps one child is drawn towards the mountain biking exhibition and discovers a yearning they didn't know they had, to ride mountain bikes competitively. Maybe another child discovers the Wild Zone and finds themself looking deeply into the eyes of a llama, which changes their life to the direction of becoming a veterinarian. Meantime, the other parent is over at the free testing area now discovering they need to get a bit healthier, that their blood pressure isn't what it was when they were younger.

Meantime, there is a young woman who came to discuss finding her purpose in life with a life coach and who, on her way out, gets sidetracked by the wind energy display and submits her job application on the spot.

Get the idea?

Green and Wellness just fit together, naturally.

greenhouse dome
Photo: Jamy Beecher