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Advertising support

There are a number of ways to increase your exposure and success at the festival. These can include coupons given attendees as they enter the festival, advertising in the festival guide, or even conducting a workshop. Be sure to ask us about the opportunities available.


Since this is not your usual fair or expo, you aren't going to be doing business as usual.

When you become a Shopkeeper you are becoming part of a village of Shopkeepers. Everyone pitches in, everyone helps each other out and smiles are a big thing here, as is the friendly and always welcome, "hello". Put on your happy face and become part of what makes the Festival a success.


Canopies must be white in color with no branding. This means that canopies must be white in color with no branding. Got it?

From the edge of the canopy down is all yours, go nuts. Remember, we are creating a unique, hopefully beautiful, and always classy, village.


We love creativity, within reason. Hang flags from your tent, go a little larger and have a rest area - complete with a sofa - outside your shop, create an interactive exhibit that showcases your offering in a new way. It's all good. Have an idea? Run it by us and we will let you know if it is acceptable or not or how to adjust it so it is.

Plastic Free Zone

Plastic bags and bottles are NOT welcome at the festival. Not only that, they are not allowed, at all. This goes for plastic bags and Styrofoam too.

We will be making eco friendly bags available to visitors as they enter and they can find more at spots throughout the festival. So no plastic bags in your booth, this means of a personal nature too.

Plastic bottles are forbidden(learn why). The only exception is a reusable bottle of the hard plastic variety used by campers, hikers, etc. You know the kind. Any other types of plastic bottles are NOT allowed and will be confiscated immediately. The good kind of bottles will be sold at the festival or people can bring their own. Food vendors should be especially aware of this ban on plastic bottles and Styrofoam and discuss the Rules for Food Vendors with management when planning their shop.


The goal of the festival is to be powereed entirely by alternative energy, i.e. wind and solar.

Because the usual power sucking plug-ins we are so accustomed to can drain our solar reserves quite quickly we ask that you consider very carefully whether you need power and if so how you can minimize it during the festival. There is a $100 fee for basic power access, and only a limitied number of spaces where the power will be available. Call to discuss.

An excellent alternative that we recommend is to pick up a portable power source (PPS) to use at the festival. These can range from a pocket sized solar pad that will keep your cell phone or laptop charged up and cost between $20-$100 to larger battery/inverter packages $100-$200 that you charge overnight and then plug your 110V into during the day. These are wonderful products to acquire and will serve you after the festival as power for camping, beach days, backyard power, even car jumping on a cold winter morning.

Be sure to get the right PPS for your needs. Talk with a salesperson who knows electrical consumption. You can shop PPS options at Best Buy, Amazon, REI, Cabellas, Costco, and many other fine establishments.

* Tip - unplug or turn off devices when not in use. That can cut loads of power consumption.

Rules & Punishment

We take the Festival and what it stands for very seriously. We know that on occasion Shopkeepers are going to break the rules by which the Festival is governed. Sometimes this is purely by accident, and this sort of thing will usually result in a mild reminder. However, since the important rules are spelled out pretty clearly, more serious infringements here will be dealt with a bit more severely. Fines and even expulsion from the festival are remedies that can be experienced by those who feel they must test the boundaries.


*For more complete details see the Shopkeeper Terms and Conditions portion of your Shopkeeper Application.

Photo: Jamy Beecher