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In other lands they may be known as vendors or exhibitors, but here at the Festival they are referred to as Shopkeepers. Shopkeepers play an integral role in the Festival and if you are considering being one we hope you will read further and then submit your application if you feel you would be a good fit.

Operating a shop at the Festival can be an exciting opportunity. It is different from being at an expo or "fair", you'll probably find it to be more relaxed, festive, and easy going, in fact you may well finish your day invigorated rather than beat and weary.

We invite anyone with an interest in promoting a product or service that is truly green or well to join us in making the Festival an extraordinary event. Use your imagination to add a personal touch to your festival shop, get creative and come up with a demonstration, maybe offer to do a short seminar on your passion. Whatever the idea, run it by us , if it works - it's in.

Maybe it all sounds intriguing but you wonder if this is a good venue for you to set up shop in. Well, consider your neighbors...the best and brightest of the green and wellness communities. So, now you have surrounded yourself with like minded people in a wonderfully unique environment. Next, think of the types of people who are attracted to the Festival; people with an active interest, a growing curiosity, or who are possibly leaders in the areas of green/eco friendly or wellness/ health.

If that is your audience, and you like the idea of being a shopkeeper, by all means apply to be a shopkeeper.


Shopkeepers may rent whatever size shop they feel is appropriate to their needs. 10 x 10 is the most common but sizes up to 40 x 40 are available. Power is available to a small number of shops and those locations are determined by the logistics of power availability. If you need power you either need to be among the first to apply or make plans to bring your own.

*We do not allow generators other than the main Festival generators, however, special circumstances will be considered so ask if you feel you have a very good reason. You are strongly encouraged to consider bringing a small solar panel or wind turbine. These must be small in nature, require no permanent fixture base and all those desiring to use a PPD (Personal Power Device) must obtain permission from Festival prior to being allowed to implement it.

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