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On the Green side, perhaps you know a lot about installing solar panels and want to share your knowledge. This real estate based resort in so Cal. enjoys a LOT of sunshine, maybe encourage them to install solar ?

Perhaps you believe everyone should compost and you would love to demonstrate proper technique.

Do you have a dance group that can wow the audience with beautiful dance moves?

Perhaps a tai chi class would captivate and enthrall.

Anybody for a little hula hoop?

How about Yoga, Pilates, Xeriscaping, organic food preparation, self defense, ......... think it and bring it.

While mostly geared as a demonstration-only activity, with festival permission certain activities involving audience participation may be allowed. Please discuss your ideas with Festival management.

Start the process by submitting a Demonstration/ Studio Application.

NOTE: All Demonstrations need to be primarily educational in nature. Attempts to pitch a specific product or service is not allowed. You may present yourself as an expert and suggest specific products or services AFTER the demonstration.

ballroom dancing
Photo: Jamy Beecher