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Please review the guidelines below to help determine whether your company, product or service is a suitable match for the festival and membership in EarthWell. If you feel it is then we invite you to submit an application. We review each application carefully and will respond with our decision as soon as possible.

Remember that a minimum 50% deposit is required with your application. To qualify for discounts the final payment must be received before the discount cut-off date.

It is very important that EarthWell uphold a high level of integrity regarding the criteria for membership in EarthWell as well as participation in the EarthWell Festival. If selected it is because we have determined you are among the best in your field and we will be honored to have your participation.

Note: Acceptance restrictions may include but are not limited to the following criteria. EarthWell reserves the right to reject any applicant at any time for any reason.

Green Products & Services
Sustainable, eco-friendly practices including sourcing, production, distribution, and lifespan.

  • Impact on air quality
  • Recycled content
  • Renewable
  • Socially Responsible
  • Use of Biocide, Pesticides, etc.
  • Durability, Long lifespan
  • Efficiency
  • Use of Arsenic, etc.
  • Low maintenance, etc

Green Building
Minimal environmental damage, efficient production, re-sourcing, habitat protection, and more.

  • Minimal Habitat Destruction
  • Low Embodied Energy
  • No Contribution to Ozone Depletion
  • Direct Reuse of Materials
  • Natural or Minimally Processed
  • Diversion of Material from Landfill
  • Eliminates/ Minimizes use of PVC
  • Minimal contribution to Global Warming
  • Efficient Resource Utilization

Professionalism, reputation, references, credibility, a holistic approach.

  • Focus on Healthy Recreation
  • Non-Pharma Solutions
  • Acknowledge Multiple Modality Methodology
  • Organic/ Natural processing, preparation, production, distribution
  • Professional recommendations
  • Exhibits professionalism