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Have a passion? Enthusiastic about an area or aspect of green or wellness? Have a bunch of friends who are like-minded? Feeling creative?

Organize a theme camp around your passion. Invite friends who may be shopkeepers, design workshops to educate others or create exhibits or interactive environments. In short, get creative. What can you produce?

Come up with a plan; discuss it with us. If it is in alignment with our goals you are in charge. Remember, we have creative guidelines, an educational purpose, and a family orientation.

There are a couple more avenues to producing a theme camp you should know about. First, if you are passionate about a topic we can discuss your sponsoring a theme camp. Secondly, if you can arrange for a group of shops to sign up under your camp theme we can discuss a discount for your own shop.

If the idea of creating a theme camp at EarthWell appeals to you, jot down some thoughts on what you would like to do and send us an email.

sego lily school
Photo: Jamy Beecher