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Welcome to EarthWell "U", our version of higher learning. Indulge yourself, expand your horizons, evolve your life. Above all...enjoy.

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Green / Health / Cooking / Movement

Green Sustainability

Solar Thermal - The Other Solar

  • Cover the history of Solar Thermal, How it works, and some of the improvements that have been developed.

The Truth About Hemp - How America (and the world) Squandered The Most Sustainable Resource Of All Time

  • Hemp is the world’s most misunderstood and underutilized natural resource.  Hemp has far reaching impact into sustainable food supplies, building materials, household goods and over 30,000 eco-friendly product solutions.  Learn the story, understand what happened and how you can help make a difference now.

The American Energy Independence Bond –A Bottom-up Blue Collar Stimulus Plan

  • Get set for a lively description of Johnston's plan to deliver low-cost renewable (especially Solar PV) energy financing to all of Utah's homeowners and businesses, and in the process, create jobs and establish Utah as a pioneer in the most important and exciting frontier of our new century.

Electric Vehicles - The Joy of EVs

  • Discussion group for those interested in EV's. The past, present and future as well as challenges that face the movement towards oil free transportation.

What To Expect In Going Solar

  • If you are considering what your next home improvement project will be, come join a roundtable of solar PV experts to learn why you should go solar and what you should expect in the process.

Cloth Diaper 101 - All the How's & Why's

  • Cloth diaper education and advocacy group.  Focused on natural parenting options, teaching the how and why's to consider modern cloth diapers, where to buy local, and how to make cloth diaper classes.  Also, low income and refugee cloth diaper support and donations available.

Myths Of Recycling

  • Do I have to take the labels off? Glass can’t be recycled, right? And other recycling questions are asked everyday. Come to hear Shirin bust some of the myths surrounding recycling. Find out how to be an effective recycler and get your questions answered.

Make Your Fortune in the "Distributed Lifestyles" Market

  • Creative Destruction, the process whereby economic sectors are destroyed and rebuilt, is synonymous with explosive opportunity. Learn how new fortunes will be made in the market for ‘distributed lifestyle’ products and services!

Off Grid Solar vs. Grid Tied Solar

  • Solar electric 101 class with a look into the pros and cons of battery based systems verses grid tie. How much electricity a system can save you.

Should I Recycle?
(Kids & Family Special Class)

A hands on class teaching families about the difference between trash and recycling and how long it takes for litter to decompose. This class includes a simple quiz, How Green Is My Family and a coloring contest.

Health & Wellness

Raising Drug Free Kids

  • Straight talk for raising a healthy family. Questions, Answers, share ideas and concerns.

Fact or Fiction?

  • The science behind recommendations regarding food safety, exercise, and vaccinations during pregnancy.


Natural Herbal Support for Immunity during Cold and Flu Season

  • Learn about herbal supplements to keep your family’s immune systems fortified all year long!

Learn To Be An Intuitive Life Coach

  • Do you have what it takes? Create a thriving business as an Intuitive Life Coach.  Learn how to do Divinity Readings (see clients higher selves), Learn the questions that assist your clients to find answers.  Learn a simple process to get to your clients deepest core issues that sabotage them and provide tools and teaching to help them create lives of purpose, passion and joy.  Teach them how to use the laws of the Universe to create more money, healthy relationships and a healthy body.  Learn how to be the expert in your niche and market yourself to create a 6 & 7 figure yearly income. 


Taking Care Of The Skin You're In - Protecting and Promoting Beautiful Skin

  • Learn specific strategies for healthy skin recovery and ongoing support of those positive changes.   Understand how internal factors, like hormone production, affect your skin.  This session is presented jointly by Karin Carestia, of Alpine Apothecary, and Marcia Scoville, a women’s health provider.

Ask The Doctor

  • Discuss and share insights on
    - When you need to see a MD,DC or ND and why?
    - Top 3 things a parent can do to ensure optimal health for their child.
    - 3 things to avoid to help your child excel in life.

Breastfeeding Benefits Communities

  • How and why individuals can and should support breastfeeding within their communities.

Sex and The Hormonal Girl: You've Lost That Loving Feeling

  • Why is that turned-on feeling a distant memory?  Why does watching a DVD sound like more fun than heading for bed?  If your hormones are off- kilter your libido, response, and pleasure are altered.  Women gain insights about the way to reclaim their sex lives; presented by Marcia Scoville, MS CNM APRN, a women’s health provider.

 Myths and Truths About Hormonal Replacement

  • An overview into the reality of legitimate physician supervised hormone replacement programs and the far reaching benefits that will enhance our lives into the twilight years. Weight loss programs; benefits and pitfalls.


I've Tried and I've Tried and I've Tried to Lose Weight - Hormones and Weight Management

  • There are times when the effort and energy you pour into your exercise routine still won’t shape up your hips and thighs, or get rid of that stubborn belly bulge.  Learn how hormone imbalance could be altering your ability to manage your weight; presented by Marcia Scoville, MS CNM APRN, a women’s health provider.

Nutrition For Babies and Toddlers

  • Tips for making certain your baby/toddler is consuming adequate amounts of important nutrients for healthy growth and development. Learn why too much sugar has been linked to obesity and diabetes in children.

Important Nutrients That May Be Missing In A Vegetarien/Vegan Diet

  • Trying to eat a more healthy, sustainable, plant-centered diet? Learn how transitioning to healthier plant foods greatly enhances your health, supports a sustainable economy and helps restore our planet’s ecological balance. FREE handouts--no note-taking required!

Sleep Like You've Only Dreamed Of

  • End restless nights of tossing and turning.  We’ll explore what causes (and what interferes with) a great night’s sleep, and how to achieve it.  You’ll discover healthy alternatives in nutrition, stress, and sleep management.

Moody Blues You'd Like To Lose - Hormones and Mood disorders

  • For many women, changes in hormone levels create an emotional landscape defined by tears, irritability, and anxiety.  Learn how hormone imbalance impacts mood; presented by Marcia Scoville, MS CNM APRN, a women’s health provider.

10 Things In YOur Fridge That Are Killing You

  • Think that hot dog is harmless?  Think again!  The food industry does not have your health in mind when they assemble and package “food” for you to buy.  You’ll learn what ingredients and labels really mean.

Introductory Meditation

  • Workshop and demonstration to help people experience the peace within. Discuss benefits of meditation and how it can be practiced.

Cooking CLasses


Cooking In Season / Susan Odell

  • Make the most of foods that are in season - it's better for you and better for the planet.  Join us as we demonstrate how to roast various seasonal vegetables for ultimate flavor, and then use these veggies in a delicious quinoa dish.  We'll also be handing out samples of homemade granola just for fun.  See you there!

Farmers Market Meals / Leslie Smoot 
  • The local farmer’s markets are in full swing.  Vibrant colored, fresh picked fruits and vegetables sit alongside, living herbs and raw honey.  How do we transform these garden delights into a delicious meal?  Leslie will take the fresh, seasonal foods that are in abundance right now and give you some great ideas so you can preserve the harvest and enjoy garden fresh meals that are simply dreamy.  Leslie loves nutrition as much as she loves food so you can count on her recipes to be good for the BODY and soul.

Dairy Free - The RAW WAY! / Joline Wondergem 
  • Come join me as I discuss different ways to create a few family favorites - dairy free. And, we will have a Q & A session for setting up a RAW kitchen.


Mohitos!  / Shari of Rawsome Living
  • Master the art of making Mohitos in this fun, simple and oh, so refreshing class. Come see why this class was the hit of 2010!

Movement Studio

  • Yoga
  • Jazz
  • Ballet Blast
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Zumba
  • Body Painting
  • Youth Dance
  • ...and much more.
Please consult the Festival Directory for exact times and places.